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Detroit Lions News/ FanNation All Lions / 3 hours ago

Detroit Lions Will Not Play 2024 Game in Brazil

The Detroit Lions will not travel to Brazil in 2024. According to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who addressed a variety of league issues at his annual

Detroit Lions News/ Pro Football Talk / 11 hours ago

Brad Holmes: We're not going to pressure Frank Ragnow to do anything Detroit Lions: Breaking News, Rumors & Highlights | Yardbarker (4)

Lions center Frank Ragnow dealt with a number of injuries over the course of the 2023 season and he said he wants to take some time this offseason to "figure

Detroit Lions News/ Larry Brown Sports / 58 minutes ago

Lions GM calls out one narrative about team’s successful season

The Lions were widely praised for being one of the better stories of the NFL season, as a franchise that had not won a playoff game since 1991 nearly went to the Super Bowl.

Lions OC bashed for 'outrageous' move

Who's your team's Brock Purdy? NFC's best seventh-round picks of Super Bowl era

The best NFL teams that never made it to a Super Bowl

The 'QBs and coaches from the 1991 NFL playoff teams' quiz

Brad Holmes News/ FanNation NFL Draft Bible / 1 hour ago

Lions GM Brad Holmes Gets the Last Laugh with Recent Draft Picks

Over the past few offseasons, the Detroit Lions have taken plenty of public criticism from fans and media alike when it comes to the decisions they've made on draft day.

Detroit Lions News/ FanNation All Lions / 1 hour ago

Sheila Hamp Thanks Fans, 'Can't Wait' for Detroit Lions Training Camp

Season-ticket members were greeted with a letter from Detroit Lions owner Sheila Hamp, thanking them for their support all throughout the 2023 season. "When I stepped into this role three years ago, I had a vision for sustained success.

Jared Goff News/ NFL Analysis Network / 49 minutes ago

Detroit Lions’ GM Doesn’t Hold Back On Jared Goff

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff enjoyed a fantastic season this year, leading the Lions to their first division title in three decades and their first playoff win since January 1992.

Detroit Lions News/ Bleacher Report / 18 minutes ago

NFL Rumors: Execs Theorize Lions' Ben Johnson's HC Candidacy Was Sabotaged Detroit Lions: Breaking News, Rumors & Highlights | Yardbarker (14)

Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson was one of the hottest head-coaching candidates this offseason, though surprisingly decided to stay put.

Detroit Lions News/ NFL Analysis Network / 40 minutes ago

NFL Insider Brutally Rips Into Detroit Lions Coach

The Washington Commanders were initially heavily connected to Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson during their exhaustive coaching search. However, in a surprising twist, they ultimately opted to appoint Dan Quinn, the defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys, as their new head coach.

Detroit Lions News/ A to Z Sports / 0 minutes ago

7 Lions players became free agents Monday morning

The offseason is in full effect for the Detroit Lions. Last week the Lions signed multiple players from their practice squad to futures/reserves contracts.There were seven guys that they did not sign to those deals.

NFL News/ Yardbarker / 56 minutes ago

Lions OC bashed for 'outrageous' move

Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson was at one point considered a favorite to become the new head coach of the Washington Commanders. He ended up deciding to stay in the Motor City and according to reports, the way he and his camp informed Washington that he was no longer in consideration for the gig left some around the league peeved.

Lions OC Ben Johnson, Commanders take shots at each other through the media

The most notorious sports feuds of all time

Jameson Williams News/ FanNation All Lions / 2 hours ago

Detroit Lions Jameson Williams Responds to Young Fan's Viral Video

The Detroit Lions gained a whole new generation of fans with their deep run in the postseason. For years, the team was synonymous with losing. Supporters

Detroit Lions News/ NFL Analysis Network / 23 minutes ago

Lions’ Penei Sewell Speaks Out On Head Coach Dan Campbell

Following the Detroit Lions’ loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game, head coach Dan Campbell came under fire. His aggressive style, which has helped the Lions get to that point, backfired for essentially the first time all season.

Jonah Jackson News/ A to Z Sports / 0 minutes ago

The pros and cons of the Lions bringing back Jonah Jackson

Free agency is near for the Detroit Lions. As I type this sentence, we're 35 days away from the NFL opening up the negotiating window for teams and the players agents on March 11th.

Detroit Lions News/ FanNation Talk of Fame Network / 14 hours ago

Turney: How Dan Campbell Rekindled the Hottest Debate Within the NFL

One week ago, Detroit coach Dan Campbell was on the verge of taking the Lions to Super Bowl LVIII when a pair of questionable fourth-down calls cost Detroit points and led to a 34-31 defeat.

Dan Campbell News/ ClutchPoints / 17 hours ago

Lions star defends Dan Campbell after playoff loss

The Detroit Lions saw their season come to a close last weekend when they lost on the road against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game.

NFL News/ Yardbarker / 0 minutes ago

Lions OC Ben Johnson, Commanders take shots at each other through the media

Instead of either gaining the upper hand, both sides look bad.

Former Pro Bowl QB lands new job on high school sidelines

Commanders settling for Dan Quinn isn't ideal, but he's the best they could do

The most notorious sports feuds of all time

The 'QBs and coaches from the 1991 NFL playoff teams' quiz

NFL News/ Larry Brown Sports / 24 minutes ago

Report: Ben Johnson, Commanders pointing the finger at each other for failed attempted hiring

Johnson will likely have a shot at other jobs in the future, while the Commanders will hope for the best under new coach Dan Quinn.

Could Johnson be the Cowboys HC in 2025?

Insider explains why Commanders hired Dan Quinn over Bill Belichick

Ranking the 2024 NFL head-coaching hires

Which NFL teams were the biggest all-time letdowns?

The 'No. 2 overall NFL Draft picks' quiz

Teddy Bridgewater News/ Yardbarker / 1 hour ago

Former Pro Bowl QB lands new job on high school sidelines

Recently retired quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has already landed a new job.

Hendon Hooker embracing Teddy Bridgewater as mentor as veteran QB retires

The greatest backup quarterbacks in NFL history

The 'Player these iconic quarterbacks replaced' quiz

Detroit Lions News/ Pro Talk / 16 hours ago

Hendon Hooker embracing Teddy Bridgewater as mentor as veteran QB retires

Teddy Bridgewater is retiring from the Lions so he can coach high school football back home in Miami. But Hendon Hooker, Detroit’s rookie QB3, plans to spend plenty more time this off season learning from the journeyman.

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